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American Physical Society Newsletter
October 7, 2013
LambdaVision researchers and the Birge research group were featured in in the American Physical Society New England Section Newsletter.

UConn Tech Talk Newsletter
August 21, 2013
LambdaVision was featured in the August edition of UConn Tech Talk, which is a newsletter describing advances at UConn's Office of Economic Development. The article can be found here.

LambdaVision Discusses Technology in the Hartford Business Journal
August 13, 2013
LambdaVision was featured in Hartford Business Journal, wherein Dr. Nicole Wagner discusses the innovation and technology behind the protein-based retinal implant. The online edition of the article can be found here.

Nicole Wagner Receives Poster Award
June 28, 2013
Nicole Wagner has received a poster award for her presentation on "A Protein-Based Retinal Prosthesis: Retinal Stimulation via an Ion Gradient" at the 2013 Halophiles Conference held in Storrs, CT.

Connecticut Innovations Awards LambdaVision through Pre-Seed Fund
May 22, 2013
Connecticut Innovations has committed funding through its Pre-Seed Fund to four Bioscience and Medical Device startup companies, including LambdaVision, Inc. See the Press Release for further information.

LambdaVision Scientists Featured in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface
May 20, 2013
LambdaVision scientists have published a new article in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface entitled Directed evolution of bacteriorhodopsin for applications in bioelectronics. The article describes novel methods in genetic engineering, which play an essential role in the development of the protein-based retinal implant. The article can be found here.

LambdaVision Scientists Featured in Bionanotechnology
January 10, 2013
Nicole Wagner (CEO), Jordan Greco (Laboratory Director), and Robert Birge (Founder) have contributed a chapter to Bionanotechnology: Biological Self-Assembly and Its Applications, which is now available for purchase at and other retailers. This review, entitled "Visual Restoration Using Microbial Rhodopsins", describes the technology developed by LambdaVision, Inc. and discusses the landscape of treatments involving similar light-activated proteins.

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