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Power of Possible: LambdaVision Retinal Implant
March 23, 2018
Watch NBC CT’s segment on UConn Technology Incubation Program (TIP) and their efforts in helping biotech start-up companies in Farmington advance their innovative research. See how TIP companies like LambdaVision are developing their medical devices and therapies to bring potential cures closer to patients.

Eyeworld Magazine: Light-Activated Protein Offers Promise as Retinal Implant
February 1, 2018
LambdaVision is featured in the February 2018 edition of Eyeworld Magazine. The digital issue can be found here.

Connecticut Magazine: Farmington Company's Quest to Cure Blindness Set to Launch Into Orbit
December 27, 2017
The January Edition of Connecticut Magazine features LambdaVision's efforts in treating retinal degenerative diseases and our upcoming experiments aboard the International Space Station.

Hartford Courant: At UConn, A Cure for Blindness in Sight
November 6, 2017
LambdaVision is featured in an article published in the Hartford Courant, which discusses the protein-based retinal implant technology and the founding team's efforts towards commercialization.

LambdaVision CEO Wins $10K at The Refinery's Pitch Competition
October 20, 2017
LambdaVision CEO, Dr. Nicole Wagner, won 1st prize and $10K at The Refinery's Fueling the Growth Pitch Competition.

LambdaVision Awarded $500K from Connecticut Innovations
October 18, 2017
LambdaVision was awarded $500,000 in Series A Equity from Connecticut Innovations through the Connecticut Bioscience Innovation Fund (CBIF). Read more about the award in this press release and in the article featured in the Hartford Business Journal.

Boston VisionWalk 2017
October 5, 2017
Join us at the Boston VisionWalk on Saturday, October 28th and consider donating to Foundation Fighting Blindness to support vital vision research!

Inside UConn TIP: LambdaVision Podcast
September 12, 2017
The first episode of "Inside UConn TIP", a podcast series about the UConn startup community, features a discussion on LambdaVision's protein-based retinal prosthetic. The podcast is available on Soundcloud and iTunes now.

Report on the Protein-Based Retinal Implant Published in Int. J. High Speed Electron. Syst.
June 28, 2017
In 2015, Dr. André Fernandes joined the LambdaVision team and the research group of Dr. Robert Birge (UConn) as a guest post-doctoral researcher through the Lief Eriksson mobility program via the Research Council of Norway. Dr. Fernandes joined us from the research group of Dr. Erik Johannessen (University College of Southeast Norway), and the collaboration also implemented a novel technology developed by Dr. Philipp Häfliger (University of Oslo). In a recently published article in the International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems, we report on the initial results from this ongoing international collaboration: "Pixel Properties of a Protein-Based Retinal Implant Using a Microfabricated PIxel Array".

Study on Optogenetics Protein Published in J. Biol. Chem.
June 27, 2017
Drs. Greco and Birge collaborate with Brandeis colleagues to study RhoGC, a new optogenetics tool, in the latest issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. You can view the article here.

Hartford Business Journal: Doing Business in Connecticut 2017
June 15, 2017
LambdaVision and other UConn startups are featured in the Hartford Business Journal's 2017 edition of Doing Business in Connecticut 2017.

UConn Today: Farmington Startup Sets Sights on Curing Retinal-Disease Blindness
May 24, 2017
In a UConn Today article, Dr. Nicole Wagner discusses LambdaVision's protein-based retinal implant and the current trajectory of the company.

Innovation Destination: Hartford Highlights LambdaVision
April 20, 2017
Innovation Destination: Hartford recently interviewed Dr. Nicole Wagner for a piece on LambdaVision and CT-based biotech startups. Read the full interview here.

The Science Of Entrepreneurship And Startups
March 13, 2017
Dr. Nicole Wagner and Dr. Thomas Jarvie (Shoreline Biome, LLC) are featured on the Pulse of the Region radio show, hosted by the MetroHartford Alliance. You can hear the full interview here

Dr. Nicole Wagner Presents at CURE's Bioscience Clubhouse CT
February 16, 2017
Dr. Nicole Wagner and Mark Roser of KeepSight presented at CURE's Bioscience Clubhouse CT: Preserving Sight - Leading the Fight to Eradicate Blindness. The event highlighted some of the recent research and development efforts in the field of retinal research, and raised awareness on the devastating retinal diseases that lead to blindness for millions of individuals across the globe.

LambdaVision was Awarded a 2016 UConn SPARK Grant
November 21, 2016
LambdaVision is a recipient of the 2016 UConn SPARK Technology Commercialization Fund Award offered by the Office of the Vice President for Research. The funds from this award will initiate a collaboration with Dr. Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos (UConn Chemistry) and will allow us to further evaluate the manufacturing of our technology. This press release provides further information about the program and the awardees.

LambdaVision Wins CASIS-Boeing Prize for Technology in Space at the 2016 MassChallenge Awards Ceremony
November 3, 2016
LambdaVision has been awarded the CASIS-Boeing Prize for Technology in Space, which will allow us to carry out vital experiments aboard the International Space Station. LambdaVision was awarded this prize at the MassChallenge Awards Ceremony held on November 2nd. We would like to thank the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), Boeing, Space Tango, and MassChallenge for their support and for this wonderful opportunity! A list of all winning companies from MassChallenge 2016 can be found using this link. Congratulations to all MassChallenge finalists and to all top startups who won a part of the $1.5M prize.

MassChallenge Awards Ceremony Held in Boston, MA
November 2, 2016
The LambdaVision team will be attending the MassChallenge Awards Ceremony tonight to find out which of the fellow finalists will win a part of the $1M prize. The top 26 MassChallenge finalists can be found here. The ceremony will be preceded by a Startup Showcase where Drs. Nicole Wagner and Jordan Greco will highlight the company's technology and recent progress. More details about the ceremony can be found at this link.

LambdaVision Wins Wolff New Venture Prize
October 24, 2016
LambdaVision and ProtectiScope were both awarded the Wolff Prize and an award of $15,000 at the Wolff New Venture Competition. The Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI) hosted the event and the Wolff Family generously awarded two companies out of a group of many talented finalists. Audrey Gallo, an intern at LambdaVision and a UConn undergraduate studying biomedical engineering, delivered the winning pitch for LambdaVision. Elizabeth Pouya, also a student in the biomedical engineering program and the founder of Protectiscope, was recognized for her technology that aims to improve stethoscope hygiene in healthcare settings. The judges surprised the audience by declaring a first-place tie between the two companies. Details about the event can be found here. We would like to give a special thanks to Michelle Cote, Dr. Timothy Folta, and the Wolff family, in addition to the many individuals who devoted their time and expertise towards guiding these young entrepreneurs to success during the CCEI Summer Fellowship program.

LambdaVision is Awarded a Phase II SBIR through the National Science Foundation
October 1, 2016
LambdaVision has been awarded a Phase II SBIR through the National Science Foundation (NSF), which will allow the company to continue the preclinical evaluation of the retinal implant technology.

The Hartford Business Journal Highlights LambdaVision and CT-based Entrepreneurship
September 27, 2016
In yesterday's issue of the Hartford Business Journal, John Stearns discussed the growing entrepreneurial culture in universities across the State of Connecticut. The article highlights UConn's initiative to foster new startup companies through the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI) program, and Dr. Nicole Wagner discusses LambdaVision's experience with the UConn Technology Incubator Program. The article can be found here.

Dr. Nicole Wagner Partcipates in Women in MassChallenge Showcase
September 7, 2016
LambdaVision CEO and entrepreneur, Dr. Nicole Wagner, presented at the Women in MassChallenge Showcase, which highlighted top women-led companies partcipating in the Boston accelerator program.

TIP Intern Program Featured in the Hartford Business Journal
August 22, 2016
The Hartford Business Journal recently highlighted the summer internship initiative developed by UConn's Technology Incubation Program (TIP). Audrey Gallo, one of fifteen interns, joined LambdaVision for the 10 week program and presented her work at TIP's Research Day. More details about the TIP program can be found here.

Intern Presents at UConn Chemistry's Summer REU Program
August 2, 2016
Molly Zgoda, undergraduate researcher and summer intern at LambdaVision, will be presenting her research amongst other UConn Chemistry REU students tomorrow. Her presentation is entitled, "A Protein-Based Retinal Implant for the Treatment of Retinal Degeneration".

UConn Intern Presents at UConn TIP Intern Research Day
August 1, 2016
UConn TIP summer intern, Audrey Gallo, is presenting her summer journey with LambdaVision at the UConn TIP Intern Research Day on August 3rd in Farmington, CT. Stop by the UConn Cell & Genome Sciences Building to help us celebrate innovation, learning, and, technology entrepreneurship.

Dr. Jordan Greco Pitches at NEHEN Event
July 31, 2016
Dr. Jordan Greco is pitching our technology and company at the New England Healthcare Executives Network (NEHEN) 6th Annual Summer Social and Networking Event on Monday, August 1st in Boston. We are excited to come together with health innovation professionals in the Boston area from broad backgrounds, including local biotech, medtech, pharma, and health IT economy.

LambdaVision Participates at the MassChallenge Startup Showcase
July 27, 2016
Join the LambdaVision team in Boston, MA this evening as we participate in the MassChallenge Startup Showcase. Surrounded by 128 of the highest-impact startup companies, we will be sharing our story and company with the whole startup community.

Two Interns Join the LambdaVision Team
June 30, 2016
With the future of the summer bright with great opportunities, we would like to introduce our two UConn undergraduate interns that will be working closely with us: Molly Zgoda and Audrey Gallo. Molly is going to be a senior chemistry student and has just completed her applications for medical school. Audrey is a junior biomedical engineering student and one of UConn's TIP interns. Both Molly and Audrey are helping LambdaVision participate in the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - CCEI summer fellowship program to help build out our commercialization strategy.

LambdaVision Moves in to MassChallenge Boston
June 22, 2016
The LambdaVision team is a 2016 Finalist at MassChallenge and the program has officially launched. LambdaVision moved into the MassChallenge space at 21 Drydock Avenue, Boston, MA 02210, and will be able to take advantage of the key resources, mentors, and advisors that are offered through this exciting accelerator program.

Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation's Summer Fellowship
June 17, 2016
As a growing, successful, startup company, LambdaVision has been selected to participate in a Connecticut funded 8-week accelerator program: the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation's Summer Fellowship. Amongst ten other companies, we are embracing the experience of collaborating and learning how to build up our business model and commercialization plans. On August 4th we will be sharing our progress from CCEI's summer lessons.

Foundation Fighting Blindness Hosts Sip for Sight Event
June 16, 2016
Members of the LambdaVision team are off to Boston, MA tonight for Boston Sip for Sight, a special charity event dedicated to raising money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Please consider making a donation using the link found above.

LambdaVision highlighted in the Larta Institute's Annual Report
June 15, 2016
LambdaVison has recently been highlighted in Larta Institute's 2015 Annual Report as one of their key innovators. The Larta Institute provided support and business strategies during the continued development of our commercialization plan.

Next Stop: BIO International Conference, San Francisco, California
June 3, 2016
LambdaVision was invited to attend the 2016 BIO International Conference in San Francisco. Over 15,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders will be attending BIO for a one week of intensive networking expereince. We are excited to discover new opportunities and hopefully connect with different leaders for potential partnerships.

MALSI Day (Boston, MA) Sparks Innovation, Collaboration and Success for LambdaVision
June 2, 2016
On June 2 the LambdaVision team attended the 2016 Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation (MALSI) Day in Boston. MALSI day is hosted annunally by the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, which aims to promote and assist startup companies by educating researchers on entrepreneurship and technology commercialization processes. The goal of MALSI day is to bring together scientist, company execuatives, and professional financiers to learn about new technological advances. LamdaVision showcased their research and commercialized product through a poster session and won the Charles River Prize for Innovation third place award.

LambdaVision CEO Presents at Halophiles Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 23, 2016
Dr. Nicole Wagner presented LambdaVision's technology at the 11th Annual Halophiles Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Halophiles 2016 Conference invited speakers representing differnt fields and recent findings of halophiles, from Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya and viruses. The conference will be publishing its proceedings in the "Journal Life" around July 2016.

2016 MassChallenge Startup Accelerator Finalist
May 19, 2016
LambdaVision has been selected as a finalaist in the Boston 2016 MassChallenge Startup Accelerator. MassChallenge is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs through global networking and access to their corporate partners. This program strives to create new value and inspire society to challenge old conventions through the promotion of innovation, collaboration and commercialization. LambdaVision is honored and excited to be a Boston finalist and showcase entrepreneurship assets this upcoming summer.

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